pixieandmeow moved to chenye0l


Hi guys, this is Joon. I moved to a new url now, chenye0l, since I was always mistaken as the awesome author of baekyeol’s equally awesome classic, I Just Called To Say I Love You. I am not. cries. I have lots of precious memories with this url /it’s pixieandmeow jfc/ and i really don’t want to change it, but!! :(

So if anyone is interested with this url, you can pm me on my new home or in twitter and as long as Teesta allowed you to. \o/


'I feel like an idiot,' Lu Han continues as if Sehun hasn't said anything at all, 'coming here to receive people I don't even know! And could you tell me exactly what I'm doing in an airport on my off day? I hate airports!' - (x)


They’ve both gotten a bit tanned- but that’s what you get for honeymooning in the Maldives in summer- and Chanyeol’s hair has wild bright streaks from all the sun he must have caught. (x)